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Menopause and the Liberation that Opens Space for the New

One of the biggest gifts that menopause gives us is learning to let go. Everything passes and is transformed. The only inevitable thing is change. If we accept that everything seems to be upside down, the opportunity we have to open ourselves to the acceptance of new conditions is undeniable. And we can do it easily by releasing our old expectations and flowing with the new.

grace of no age menopause ageing women community sisterhood physical changes new stage time of change acceptance proaging gracefully

Drawing the Veil, What is Behind the Symptoms of Menopause?

When we gather information about what menopause is, we usually find a physiological definition. Obviously, this definition conveys a list of symptoms that can occur in the body of a woman who reaches this stage. Typically we find the following definition: menopause is the time when the production of hormones in the woman’s ovaries ceases, and with it, the end of her fertile stage. Our bodies are designed to, one day, end the function by which we can have babies.

Giving A New Meaning To Menopause

The impact that our external reality has on our psyche and way of interpreting the world is very strong. This manifests itself even more when we find ourselves in critical moments. In these moments,  it is typical to have difficulties connecting with our essence, which always provides all the answers. The same happens with menopause, so here are some tips for returning to yourselves at this crucial moment in our lives.

The Feminine Force: The Alchemical Art Of Releasing And Purifying

When your life passes between flasks, fire, books and plants, alchemy evolves from a vocational passion to become a language to express yourself and understand the world. For a long time the paradigm from which I have observed life has been that of the hermit. As its name suggests,  every time someone asks me what that paradigm is, I answer that it is a form of life learned from observing the Universe and its laws and reproducing them in the earthly world. That is magic, learning, understanding, and reproducing the laws of Nature.