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Silver Fox. Women embracing a gray hairstyle

One outcome of aging is silver hair.
I have had my own personal dance with it for close to ten years now. As of late, I have really enjoyed seeing the recent trend of women flaunting their natural gray hair. When at the store and reading social media feeds, I see more and more women revealing their gray roots and hair. I find it empowering to witness more women embracing their age of wisdom and appreciating their gorgeous natural silver hair! I must also point out the fact that younger women who do not have natural gray hair are having their hair colored to resemble silver highlights and colors.

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Sorority, Accompanying Among Women

Menopause is a changing moment in every woman’s life; however, little has been talked about it until now, and what we generally are told is that it is a parchment of nasty symptoms attacking us relentlessly for a long period of time. Fortunately, more spaces as this one, Grace of No Age, are being opened to give us a clear and real perspective of this transitional stage, from which we can get lots of gifts that will help us to establish ourselves as complete and mature women at peace.

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Menopause and Visual Problems – How Hormones Affect Vision

Can hormones affect our visual health?
We go through many hormonal changes during our lives and with the arrival of menopause our visual health can be affected.
Many of us already know the physical and emotional changes that occur during this significant stage of life and we must know that these changes can also manifest in the eyes.

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7 Hacks to Live with Fullness after 50

When we take it on with a positive attitude, the 50s can be a wonderful time for every woman, especially if we focus on the good that comes with age. The truth is that we are wiser and more experienced, we have achieved many things in life on a personal and professional level, we feel more comfortable and secure with ourselves, and many of us know what we want.