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Coral Colour Alchemy for Self-Nurturing (with subconscious upgrade audio)

How Does Colour Affect Wellbeing?

Did you realise that colour is far more powerful than just something pretty to look at? Colour is a universal language that interacts with your brainwaves on a profound level. It can provide a window into our subconscious minds, our souls, our bodies, our blocks. AND, most importantly, it’s the key to freeing ourselves to shine.

Giving A New Meaning To Menopause

The impact that our external reality has on our psyche and way of interpreting the world is very strong. This manifests itself even more when we find ourselves in critical moments. In these moments,  it is typical to have difficulties connecting with our essence, which always provides all the answers. The same happens with menopause, so here are some tips for returning to yourselves at this crucial moment in our lives.

The Feminine Force: The Alchemical Art Of Releasing And Purifying

When your life passes between flasks, fire, books and plants, alchemy evolves from a vocational passion to become a language to express yourself and understand the world. For a long time the paradigm from which I have observed life has been that of the hermit. As its name suggests,  every time someone asks me what that paradigm is, I answer that it is a form of life learned from observing the Universe and its laws and reproducing them in the earthly world. That is magic, learning, understanding, and reproducing the laws of Nature.