Entrepreneurial Women: The Clean Desk

What would it mean if I had a clean desk at the end of every day? Would I be able to find things more easily the next day? Would it mean that I finished something? Would it mean I had a beginning and an end to my work day? Would it mean I did not have very much work? If my physical desk is clean do I have to clean my computer desktop and file all my emails?

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A Dancer’s Perspective: Finding Balance after Menopause

At first, I thought it was my new prescription for one contact lens to focus on distance and one to focus on seeing the computer screen. But my balance was changing. I did not notice this while doing everyday activities, but I did notice a new wobble while trying to balance on the ball of my foot when standing on one leg. Dancers require excellent balance for every aspect of their art. When my pirouettes became less confident, I began to seek out a solution beyond my contact lens experiment.

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

As women who have gone through menopause at least a decade ago, we may one day look in the mirror and say, “what happened to my hair?” On my bathroom sink counter, I have a photo of myself at age 40 with my first son, Andrew, and my husband. My hair looks great, as it always did. But gradually, over twenty years of dying with a commercial hair dye containing ammonia, and then not with ammonia, and basically just living through the stresses of balancing a career and family, my hair became thin and brittle.

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Beauty Awakens

I was talking to my friend last week, Lawrence Ewing, Executive Director of Marin Ballet, and he used the phrase, “beauty awakens.” Our conversation was revolving around dance workshops, concerts, awards and the process of assisting dancers and audiences in emerging from an imposed sleep. We talked about it as a process of leaving the virtual world to discover, awaken, re-invent, the connections between the live performer and the live audience.