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Sorority, Accompanying Among Women

Menopause is a changing moment in every woman’s life; however, little has been talked about it until now, and what we generally are told is that it is a parchment of nasty symptoms attacking us relentlessly for a long period of time. Fortunately, more spaces as this one, Grace of No Age, are being opened to give us a clear and real perspective of this transitional stage, from which we can get lots of gifts that will help us to establish ourselves as complete and mature women at peace.

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Why Are We So Afraid Of Menopause?

Most of us, consciously or unconsciously, have a little fear that peeks out when we hear the word menopause. If we are very young, we usually let it pass as a distant noise that we do not even need to pay attention to. If we are approaching this stage, which may be in our 40s, we want to continue ignoring it, but the noise comes closer and more often. In the end, due to things that are happening to us in the body and in the soul, we must dare to inquire what that mysterious and even frightening word hides.

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Menopause and the Liberation that Opens Space for the New

One of the biggest gifts that menopause gives us is learning to let go. Everything passes and is transformed. The only inevitable thing is change. If we accept that everything seems to be upside down, the opportunity we have to open ourselves to the acceptance of new conditions is undeniable. And we can do it easily by releasing our old expectations and flowing with the new.