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The Importance of relationships during Menopause

When we turn 50 or so, it is not uncommon to experience some unexpected thoughts and questions. You might have more concerns about the future and an increased sense of uncertainty about what to expect. Perhaps you feel a sense of nostalgia about your past and what you left behind. While reflecting and re-evaluating, it is important to take a careful look at the path you’ve traveled. If you can, try not to judge, point out, or regret, but simply observe. This is a good time to try to find ourselves and to consider looking at ourselves through our relationships.

grace of no age menopause ageing women community sisterhood permanence feminine essence thankful experiences gratitude proaging gracefully

The Permanence of the Feminine Essence

Sometimes we have the idea that, as we get older, as we age. But thinking we will lose our feminine essence is a misperception. What really happens is that the years not only add experiences, they also add an aspect that expands towards the depth of being. A force emerges that connects us with the feminine beyond the physical. It connects us with ancestral wisdom, with the wisdom of the earth, of the mothers (even if we are not) and of the women who have woven stories and ose stories have created life.

The True Connection With Yourself

I think there is no better time in life to make the connection with oneself consciously than menopause. Perhaps because it coincides (nothing is a coincidence!) with the stage in which we care less and less about the outside. The outside that others impose on us, the outside that for years has set the standard for making decisions. The outside that perhaps has clipped our wings or made us change the direction of flight.