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12 Minutes of Yoga a Day: Your Medicine for Osteoporosis

Did you know that 12 minutes of yoga a day can be more effective than any drug to increase bone density? Professor Loren M Fishman, a physician at Columbia University has spent years gathering evidence on the impact of Yoga on bone health. She determined that: “Yoga is safe, even for people who have suffered a loss of important bone mass […] Yoga puts more pressure on the bones than gravity and by opposing one group of muscles against others, it stimulates the osteocytes, the cells that make up the bones.”

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

As women who have gone through menopause at least a decade ago, we may one day look in the mirror and say, “what happened to my hair?” On my bathroom sink counter, I have a photo of myself at age 40 with my first son, Andrew, and my husband. My hair looks great, as it always did. But gradually, over twenty years of dying with a commercial hair dye containing ammonia, and then not with ammonia, and basically just living through the stresses of balancing a career and family, my hair became thin and brittle.