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7 Hacks To Live With Fullness After 50

When we take it on with a positive attitude, the 50s can be a wonderful time for every woman, especially if we focus on the good that comes with age. The truth is that we are wiser and more experienced, we have achieved many things in life on a personal and professional level, we feel more comfortable and secure with ourselves, and many of us know what we want.

grace of no age menopause ageing women community sisterhood balance dance art ballet lifestyle proaging gracefully

A Dancer’s Perspective: Finding Balance after Menopause

At first, I thought it was my new prescription for one contact lens to focus on distance and one to focus on seeing the computer screen. But my balance was changing. I did not notice this while doing everyday activities, but I did notice a new wobble while trying to balance on the ball of my foot when standing on one leg. Dancers require excellent balance for every aspect of their art. When my pirouettes became less confident, I began to seek out a solution beyond my contact lens experiment.