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Resilience: Through the Lens of Yoga

Picture this, because we have all been there! Walking down the street on a normal beautiful afternoon and all of a sudden you trip on something; all hell breaks loose, and you end up rushing three to five steps forward. You gather your posture and look back to check what happened, and then you resume your walk as if nothing happened, perhaps a little more attentive (or not!) to the street. That was a display of physical resilience, and we all want that but, today let’s talk about mental and emotional resilience.

grace of no age menopause ageing women community sisterhood sacred dance relax health powerful spiritual emotional proaging gracefully

9 Ways Sacred and Meditative Dance Will Transform You

When we create a supportive and trusting atmosphere with others, an hour of dance can become a cosmic unfolding. We invite our whole self to be present and relax our desire to control. Sacred and meditative dance can be the most powerful and moving spiritual practice of all, transposing us on all levels as we move our bodies. Here are 9 ways in which I have seen dance change people – and how it will change you: