Meditating during the Transition to Menopause: The power of the Necklace of Meditation (Japa Mala)

Menopause is a personal transition period that can be difficult, but it also should be considered a time for personal reflection. It is a phase where the benchmarks and values adopted so far may undergo changes. Adopting a clear attitude that allows us to discern between what works and what no longer works, can provide ease in this process, and help us to avoid quality of life changes.

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Supreme Tantric Orgasm – Find Pleasure as a woman

A young woman named Kashkai had been wandering near and far in her pursuit to explore the depths of her being. She gained experiences through various sexually liberating meditation programs and communed with many lovers. She realized we are all looking for something beyond the tangible world of sensations, but what is that sublime space, spoken of so eloquently by the Tantra Masters? What is the mysterious space of eternal love and oneness we are all looking for? What is this alluring intangible search?

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Improve your Self-esteem

Self-esteem is a series of perceptions, evaluations, feelings, and assessments that are directed towards oneself.
Self-esteem has its origin in thought, and in turn, cultivates the emotions and feelings that we have of ourselves. This will nourish or destroy our self-esteem and as a consequence, it is possible that it affects the value of ourselves and therefore, as others do perceive us.