Entrepreneurial Women: The Clean Desk

What would it mean if I had a clean desk at the end of every day? Would I be able to find things more easily the next day? Would it mean that I finished something? Would it mean I had a beginning and an end to my work day? Would it mean I did not have very much work? If my physical desk is clean do I have to clean my computer desktop and file all my emails?

Meditating during the Transition to Menopause: The power of the Necklace of Meditation (Japa Mala)

Menopause is a personal transition period that can be difficult, but it also should be considered a time for personal reflection. It is a phase where the benchmarks and values adopted so far may undergo changes. Adopting a clear attitude that allows us to discern between what works and what no longer works, can provide ease in this process, and help us to avoid quality of life changes.