Entrepreneurial Women: The Clean Desk

What would it mean if I had a clean desk at the end of every day? Would I be able to find things more easily the next day? Would it mean that I finished something? Would it mean I had a beginning and an end to my work day? Would it mean I did not have very much work? If my physical desk is clean do I have to clean my computer desktop and file all my emails?

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Silver Fox. Women embracing a gray hairstyle

One outcome of aging is silver hair.
I have had my own personal dance with it for close to ten years now. As of late, I have really enjoyed seeing the recent trend of women flaunting their natural gray hair. When at the store and reading social media feeds, I see more and more women revealing their gray roots and hair. I find it empowering to witness more women embracing their age of wisdom and appreciating their gorgeous natural silver hair! I must also point out the fact that younger women who do not have natural gray hair are having their hair colored to resemble silver highlights and colors.