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A Life of Love – PART 1: Are you blocking love without realising it?

Love is all we need. We yearn for it. We desire it. We go to endless lengths to get it.
Yet, have you ever stopped to consider that you might be blocking love, and that this is creating all kinds of problems in your life?
After two decades of working with women, I’ve met this time and time again. On the surface we desperately want love, yet under the surface, we are doing everything possible to stop us from having it.

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Bringing Back Passion Into Your Intimate Relationship

The age-old argument is that once passion is gone from a relationship, it can not be regained. It suggests that once people have disconnected from a relationship, they are no longer vested in it, physically or mentally. They just go with the flow, break up, separate, or divorce. But how do you bring back the passion if you decide to remain in the relationship?