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Beauty Awakens

I was talking to my friend last week, Lawrence Ewing, Executive Director of Marin Ballet, and he used the phrase, “beauty awakens.” Our conversation was revolving around dance workshops, concerts, awards and the process of assisting dancers and audiences in emerging from an imposed sleep. We talked about it as a process of leaving the virtual world to discover, awaken, re-invent, the connections between the live performer and the live audience.

grace of no age menopause ageing women community sisterhood afraid fear tips crisis adaptations period sexual encounters proaging gracefully

Why Are We So Afraid Of Menopause?

Most of us, consciously or unconsciously, have a little fear that peeks out when we hear the word menopause. If we are very young, we usually let it pass as a distant noise that we do not even need to pay attention to. If we are approaching this stage, which may be in our 40s, we want to continue ignoring it, but the noise comes closer and more often. In the end, due to things that are happening to us in the body and in the soul, we must dare to inquire what that mysterious and even frightening word hides.