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Your Stress and Emotion Detox

An emotional detox is probably the best thing you can do for your health. In the short-term, it relieves stress, improves sleep quality, strengthens your immune system and helps you cope better with life. In the long-term it could prevent life-threatening diseases from developing. What is more, it is simple to do, and you don’t have to give up coffee, chocolate or your evening glass of wine!

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Yin, the Yoga of Balance

Yin yoga is a slow and deep practice that is known as a quiet practice or cool practice. A quiet practice because it’s a practice that gives you the opportunity to quiet the mind, and a cool practice because it’s a style of yoga that penetrates the deeper, cooler tissues. The systems affected by this practice are the chakras, the meridians, and joints and connective tissues.

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3 Tips to Find More Joy with Less Stuff

You’ve made it! You’ve made it to a certain point in life, maybe a certain age where you have likely accumulated a lot of memories and a lot of possessions. I definitely have accumulated a lot of stuff, and a lot of really great stuff over time and over continents. My next big project is to clean up and clean out the things that have given me amazing happiness in the past, but don’t have the same context in my future. By researching strategies to work through this process of cleaning out the cobwebs, I’m tidying up, organizing and making place for new and happy experiences.