The True Connection With Yourself

I think there is no better time in life to make the connection with oneself consciously than menopause. Perhaps because it coincides (nothing is a coincidence!) with the stage in which we care less and less about the outside. The outside that others impose on us, the outside that for years has set the standard for making decisions. The outside that perhaps has clipped our wings or made us change the direction of flight.

The Power to Say “No”

In my last article, I suggested you ‘celebrate your menopause’, and now I am going to tell you how to do that! ‘Celebration’ does not mean ‘party’ here, but what I mean to say is, ‘using your time by choosing what you actually wanted to do in your life’, and thus living your life with a full heart. Celebrating each and every moment by creating small happy moments with a well planned day. The choices can be different for different women but what is important is to make the right choice for yourself.