Celebrate your Menopause!

I still remember the day one of my friends secretly asked me “Hey, do you know about ‘periods’?” I was confused and I answered  “No… what’s that?”  She just smiled at me and tried to explain and all our group of girls gathered to listen to her. Everyone was a bit uncomfortable, but curious, about this menstruation process. A few of them had just entered this beautiful phase of life and a few, like me, were about to begin it. 

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty: How Women Face the Process of Aging

Uncertainty is what life is made of and what humans want to tame and control. A good part of our lives is dedicated to securing a living, a home, a family life and a trust-worthy companion. Women often assume the role of straightening the curves and levelling the bumps in the road, to smooth and  steady daily life.

Age of the Crone or Transformation or Surfing with the Crone!

The Ancients call menopause the ‘Age of the Crone’. At first I was disgruntled and rattled by the invisibility I almost overnight acquired. How, with a slight widening of girth, and blossoming of bosom, with the silvering of my hair, I quite simply became nothing. This soon became endemic in my mind and I felt ‘invisible’ just walking outside anywhere.