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The Importance of relationships during Menopause

When we turn 50 or so, it is not uncommon to experience some unexpected thoughts and questions. You might have more concerns about the future and an increased sense of uncertainty about what to expect. Perhaps you feel a sense of nostalgia about your past and what you left behind. While reflecting and re-evaluating, it is important to take a careful look at the path you’ve traveled. If you can, try not to judge, point out, or regret, but simply observe. This is a good time to try to find ourselves and to consider looking at ourselves through our relationships.

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Sorority, Accompanying Among Women

Menopause is a changing moment in every woman’s life; however, little has been talked about it until now, and what we generally are told is that it is a parchment of nasty symptoms attacking us relentlessly for a long period of time. Fortunately, more spaces as this one, Grace of No Age, are being opened to give us a clear and real perspective of this transitional stage, from which we can get lots of gifts that will help us to establish ourselves as complete and mature women at peace.

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Express your emotions during Menopause

Emotions are great messengers. They have a meaning in themselves, none of them appear in your life just because.
If you learn to recognize and express your emotions, you will develop a much kinder vision of life and, as a consequence, you will better tolerate stress and loss of control in the face of changes. In turn, it will be much easier for you to understand the emotions of those around you and respect their times.

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Resilience: Through the Lens of Yoga

Picture this, because we have all been there! Walking down the street on a normal beautiful afternoon and all of a sudden you trip on something; all hell breaks loose, and you end up rushing three to five steps forward. You gather your posture and look back to check what happened, and then you resume your walk as if nothing happened, perhaps a little more attentive (or not!) to the street. That was a display of physical resilience, and we all want that but, today let’s talk about mental and emotional resilience.