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7 Hacks to Live with Fullness after 50

When we take it on with a positive attitude, the 50s can be a wonderful time for every woman, especially if we focus on the good that comes with age. The truth is that we are wiser and more experienced, we have achieved many things in life on a personal and professional level, we feel more comfortable and secure with ourselves, and many of us know what we want.

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9 Ways Sacred and Meditative Dance Will Transform You

When we create a supportive and trusting atmosphere with others, an hour of dance can become a cosmic unfolding. We invite our whole self to be present and relax our desire to control. Sacred and meditative dance can be the most powerful and moving spiritual practice of all, transposing us on all levels as we move our bodies. Here are 9 ways in which I have seen dance change people – and how it will change you:

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A Life of Love – PART 1: Are you blocking love without realising it?

Love is all we need. We yearn for it. We desire it. We go to endless lengths to get it.
Yet, have you ever stopped to consider that you might be blocking love, and that this is creating all kinds of problems in your life?
After two decades of working with women, I’ve met this time and time again. On the surface we desperately want love, yet under the surface, we are doing everything possible to stop us from having it.