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Menopause and Visual Problems – How Hormones Affect Vision

Can hormones affect our visual health?
We go through many hormonal changes during our lives and with the arrival of menopause our visual health can be affected.
Many of us already know the physical and emotional changes that occur during this significant stage of life and we must know that these changes can also manifest in the eyes.

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Resilience: Through the Lens of Yoga

Picture this, because we have all been there! Walking down the street on a normal beautiful afternoon and all of a sudden you trip on something; all hell breaks loose, and you end up rushing three to five steps forward. You gather your posture and look back to check what happened, and then you resume your walk as if nothing happened, perhaps a little more attentive (or not!) to the street. That was a display of physical resilience, and we all want that but, today let’s talk about mental and emotional resilience.

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12 Minutes of Yoga a Day: Your Medicine for Osteoporosis

Did you know that 12 minutes of yoga a day can be more effective than any drug to increase bone density? Professor Loren M Fishman, a physician at Columbia University has spent years gathering evidence on the impact of Yoga on bone health. She determined that: “Yoga is safe, even for people who have suffered a loss of important bone mass […] Yoga puts more pressure on the bones than gravity and by opposing one group of muscles against others, it stimulates the osteocytes, the cells that make up the bones.”