Foodie Healer

San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS

Miami, Florida, US

Foodie HealerSan Pedro Sula, HONDURAS Miami, Florida, USA I come from a multicultural family where food was an important part of our lives. I’ve had a creative and adventurous spirit since I was a little girl, and I soon realized my creativity sparked mostly in the kitchen. As a very sociable teenager, I turned our…

Mystical Healer

Ciudad de México, MÉXICO

Mystical HealerCiudad de México. MÉXICO My first passion: children and education. For 19 years I worked as a Pre-school and Philosophy for Children teacher in different schools in Bogotá-Colombia, my homeland.Living my day-to-day amid the laughter, games, questions and spontaneity of children, nurtured me and made me happy for a long time. Later, the wonderful…

Spirit Mama

Wellington, NEW ZEALAND

Spirit Mama Wellington, NEW ZEALAND Spirit because I put the spirit back into yoga. Yoga IS a spiritual practice. And mama because I’m a woman. I birth creative babies all the time! Sometimes they’re called projects. Sometimes they’re poems or plays, and sometimes it’s a creative navigation of my relationships, and so much more! And…


Wellness Wizzard

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Wellness WizardMelbourne, AUSTRALIA I decided to study nutrition to gain a better understanding of food.  It was also about how my experiences with food growing up shaped my habits and eating preferences. I don’t believe in diets, I believe that nutrition is key for a healthy life and also to help fight diseases. I have been married for…

Untameable Woman


Untameable WomanCarlsbad, California, US During the earlier years of my childhood, my mother and I moved from one town to the next in Southern California. Yet, I was able to stay in the same elementary school which I am ever so grateful for because I have a dear girlfriend to this day.  In my adolescence,…